Oromia Athletics Association suspends cooperation with Ethiopian Athletics Federation Citing less respects towards the state.


Sooraa Alaakee of VOA Afaan Oromoo talks to coach Tolera Dinqa of Oromia. The annual sport festival started last year is supposed to be held this year for the second time.

Dinqa explains the main reason the Association suspends any cooperation with the Federal Athletics Federation due to the lack of due to the disrespect towards the state of Oromia.

He explained that there is no single athlete represented in the federal organ from the Region despite the huge contributions it has been having in the Country. He said that the Oromia will not be back to the Federation until it earns the respect it deserves and the fairness it demands.
He added that the Federation did a sham decision when Jimma Aba Buna Soccer club was made to be dropped from the Ethiopian Premier League despite Oromia Regional State’s repeated request for due probe into the matter and consequent fair treatment.

He said that any club from Oromia Regional State are not participating in this year’s festival and continue to remain so as far as the Federation corrects its partial and illegal treatment towards the State. He said that Athletics He said that Athletics Association of SNNP and Amhara regions also made the same opposition and as of November 19 Amhara Region Athletic Association took the same measure as Oromia’s counterpart did.

Tolera Dinqa blamed the leadership personalities from “the region with no single athlete” for the maltreatment. Up to 22 sport clubs from Oromia were supposed to participate.


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